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Moments and Memories

 This section is dedicated to all the members of the HRC who give their best and contribute, volunteering to accomplish HRC's tasks, always supporting every call of the Board, standing for the ideals of volunteerism and social service..

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After completion of EDOPA's members training, numerous drills take place, including possible scenarios of emergency situations or disasters, through which results are driven for the best readiness and preparedness of the team. Most of times common drills with Fire Brigade, National Paramedic Agency and Coast Guard take place, following the Civil Protection's guidelines, aiming in the best possible cooperation between all in case of an emergency.
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EDOPA's members training is focused on bellow sectors: maritime rescue, mountain rescue, mass disasters, First Aid and communications.
It includes: training workshops by certified organisations to all of its' subjects, maintenance scuba-diving once/month, long hikings bearing burden in high altitude, climbing and rappel techiques, first aid seminars, orientation schools including map reading and compass usage, usage of GPS, communication seminars and surviving trainings in extreme weather conditions.

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Within its activities HRC of Preveza takes part in events that promote social service through athletic and volunteering acts, as well as protecting fundamental principles of our society. Supports athletic events, organises acts for the protection of the enviroment and takes part in National remeberance acts like National days and major religious ceremonies. 
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