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Knowledge and Training

Why should i participate?

Because through training and participation someone will be able to confront emergency situations within his life, family and close social enviroment.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is an idea, through which you can discover new possibilitites of oneself and can create the foundation of a selfless, giving society.

Why trained by LEK?

LEK has a vision of training citizens so that they can respond to a demanding situation. With 25 years of experience on volunteering and having a quality-driven and result-giving system, LEK has the knowledge and the resources to transfer all that you need to overcome any demanding situation.

Can i become a volunteer in LEK?

Anyone can become a volunteer and take part in actions, always according to the Internal Regulation and be willing to be trained and to contribute to the society

How can i contribute to LEK?

The range is vast. Depending on ones skills and possibilities, the time that one can spare and the willing to learn:

First Aid

Emergency Situations Response

Forest firefighting and Prevention

Mass Disasters


Protection of Enviroment

In the times we leave, with all the natural disasters, the floodings and the wildfires, but also with all the events that happens in our daily lives, LEK is calling everyone and anyone who does not want to stay neutral to everything that happens, who wants to be trained, who wants to volunteer, to become memeber of LEK:

"Do you want to make the Difference?

YOU CAN!!! "

Ioanninon Ave 210

Preveza, Epirus, 48100

+30 6986711044

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