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Special Multi-Mission Rescue Team (E.D.O.P.A.)

The imperative need of offering to the society through volunteering and the capitalisation of knowledge and infrastracture, has created in the ranks of Hellenic Rescuecommando of Preveza the Special Multi-mission Rescue Team (EMS) E.D.O.P.A. in 1998. E.D.O.P.A was created on the principle to provide aid to the state authorities in case of natural disasters and accidents, always supporting and never undermining it. Members are men and women who want to contribute to the society through community service. E.D.O.P.A. members are trained in bellow subjects: maritime rescue, mountain rescue, mass disasters, First Aid and communications and includes: training workshops by certified organisations, maintenance scuba-diving once per month, long hiking under burden in high altitude, climbing and rappel techniques, first aid seminars, orientation seminars including map reading, compass usage and route planning, usage of GPS, communication seminars and surviving schools in extreme weather conditions. For better cooperation in case of an emergency, common trainings are taking place with the Fire Brigade, National Paramedic Agency and Coast Guard. The goal of all of this activities is to create a common way of acting and thinking in the ranks of the team. Furthermore, regular drills take place on random cases of emergency situations, aiming to a better preparedness of the team and result giving sessions.

The commander of E.D.O.P.A. is appointed by the Board of HRC, according to criteria as stated at Internal Regulation 11B-1 2012 III "Operation of E.D.O.P.A. submitted by the Board. According to it's field of operation E.D.O.P.A. is divided in sub-teams "Groups" which are run by team-leaders, appointed by the Commander.

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