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First Aid training program

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A. Basic Life Support (BLS) Training

Basic Life Support BLS using an Automated External Defibrillator AED

Training Purpose:

The BLS training program refers to those seeking to learn how to identify a cardiac arrest (or if its possible to avoid one) and to help the trainee to provide basic life support whenever required.


The trainees will be certified at BLS and the use of AED, by LEK's experienced certified instructors, in cooperation with Hellenic Service of Emergency Prehospital Care HSEPC certified by the International organisation ERC- European Resuscitation Council 

Trainees per Instructor:

The number of the attendees depends on the number of available certified instructors and no more than 6 trainees per 1 instructor.

For quality insurance of the training purposes, no programs are scheduled with more than 24 trainees.

Participation Qualifications:

There are no qualifications. The BLS training program addresses to everyone above the age of 12. The trainees can be:

  • first responders

  • volunteers

  • coaches

  • teachers

  • security agents

and many more

More or less the program is appropriate for all citizens willing to learn BLS and the use of AED and to be ready to face a cardiac arrest.

Training Duration:

The duration of the training is 5 hours according to scheduled program


  • Scene safety

  • Survival Algorithm

  • Identification of Cardiac arrest

  • Basic Life Support through chest compressions and kiss of life

  • Use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  • Recovery position

  • Choking

  • Clear aiirway of foreign object

  • Protective gear

  • European emergency call numbers 112

Program Structure:

  • Presentation with powerpoint slides

  • Instructor skills Showcase

  • Q&A in small groups regarding training material

  • Trainees practice in small groups on dummy dolls, on BLS and AED


The cost is [30] euros. The price may differ depending on special circumstances of every program

(for example, moving of the instructors to an athletic facility centre or other specific locations, etc)

Training Location:

The training takes place at HRC's modern facilities, Ioanninon Ave. 210, Preveza, Epirus

Certification Lifetime:

In order for the certification to be valid, ERC asks specific recurrent activities to take place by the trainee in regular timings or to take place in a similar training within [2] years

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