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Supporting Programm of Forest firefighting Group

The equipment awaited by the program «Support of Forest Firefighting Groups» has been delivered to the Hellenic Rescue Commando of Preveza.

WWF Hellas in close cooperation with MKS Desmos and HIGGS have reinforced the forest firefightting volunteers, who fight at the first line to protect our forests. With the support of Athina I. Foundation, John S. Lastis Public Benefit Foundation and the National Bank of Greece

The reinforcing initiative will take place in two phases:

a) updating the equipment and gear of 50 volunteering teams from all over the country, which will be chosen according to specific assessment criteria.

b) trainings about forest firefighting through specialized workshops.

Phase A' has been completed with the delivery of the equipment.. Hellenic Commando of Preveza has received the following equipment:

Fireproof gloves

Fireproof suits - Volunteer Rescuer set

Forest firefighting boots HELECHO

Firefighters hoods FHR016 Kalisz

Radio harness - DUAL CHEST HARNESS

First Aid Kits - FA23

LED headlamps rechargeable high illumination

Hoses storz 0.65cm Herkules 65mm/15m

Hoses storz 0.45cm Herkules 45mm/15m

Hoses storz 0.25cm Herkules 25mm/25m

Nozzles storz 0.25cm POK DN25/8 Storz 25

Firefighting Rake Fire line

Pulaski firefighting axe Fire line

Shoveling tool Fire line

Portable water tank for firefighters

Camelback Fire extinguishers

Meteorological Station-WindmeterΑνεμόμετρο, Humid meter

Chainsaws (petrol) 029705020-18 "562XP-18" with Combi chainsaw canister

Portable two-way Radios DP2600

The participation to the specific program, including specialised workshops for prevention and fighting of forest fires which have allready been completed and the acquirement of the firefighting equipment, render Hellenic Rescue Commando of Preveza an effective group at the front line, boosting the effectiveness but also the safety of the team, in any upcoming envolvement as a hiking firefighting compartment.

For once more, the Board and members would like to thank MKS Desmos, WWF Hellas, and HIGGS, for running and completing this programm, but also Athina I. Foundation, John S. Lastis Public Benefit Foundation and the National Bank of Greece, for their support to it.

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