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Online Training

Following the modern training methods, the Hellenic Rescue Commando of Preveza's training department has created an online platform for its' registered members, in order to register a database where they can make good use of and enrich their knowledge, regarding volunteer subjects.

Through training sections, members can attend online classes,  while they can be even evaluated via a specific questionnaire. All online classes are mandatory for a member, prior to the field trainings, in order to be evaluated to move on with its' training. 

Subjects are the following:

A. Forest firefighting & Prevention

B. Mass Destructions

C. Rescuing Gear

D. First Aid

Online classes will be refreshed constantly, and their period of attendance and time length will be announced to members by the training department via email. 

You can connect to the training platform by the specific icon at the "Home" tab






  or via bellow link:

 ΣΥΝΔΕΣΗ OPEN LEK e-learning platform 

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