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2022 Review

"....Looking back to the year that goes by and waiting the coming of a new one, we await with optimism a better 2023 and we wish to each one of you and to your families Happy New Year.... "

Leaving behind 2022, full of beautifull and also hard times, continuing to work on strong foundations based on principles, creating new alliances with organizations from allover Greece, becoming a member of the Hellenic Federation of Volunteering Organisations Forest protection and Fire Fighting (P.O.E.O.D.P) which we wellcomed at Preveza, Epirus, but also cooperating with other volunteer organisations, we have focused in solidarity and sharing to our fellow human beings.

By investing not only to knowledge and trainings but also in equipment, gear and facilities, we trained civilians regarding emergency situations and we created, in close cooperation with Hellenic Civil Protection in Epirus, a modern control centre with our own training center.

Following this, L.E.K. continuous to grow, to operate according quality-driven standards, to possess modern equipment and to present all the required supplies to confront any emergency situation, setting high standards.

To all who stand by, support and assist us, to the members who work tirelssly and with patience, to all the goverment  bodies that support us, to the sponsors that help every day with the simple things, and to everyone of you that gives us courage with your smiles and gratitude, we promise you to continue our path and that in 2023 we will work hard to accomplish our goals..


Best wishes,

Happy New Year with Smiles and Welfare!!!

On Behalf of Board

Vasilios RaptisΒασίλειος

L.E.K President

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